The closed cockpit version of the X-Bow was introduced by KTM in 2015 and built in cooperation with Reiter Engineering. It has since scored several victories in the race series across Europe, America and Asia. The KTM X-Bow GT4 has been given an update for the 2018 racing season.

Engine 4 cylinder inline engine (rear transversal)
Audi 2.0l TFSI engine
Brakes 378 x 35 mm front, 355 x 32 mm rear brake discs, Reiter racing brake calipers
Fuel tank FT3 Specification 70 litre racing fuell cell
Wheels Front - 11" x 18"
Rear - 11" x 18"
Weight 1025 kg
Chassis Carbon monocoque, carbon body panel, polycarbonate canopy, steel rear frame and roll-cage
Price EUR 139.000


Tomas Enge
+49 868577920 / tomas.enge@reiter-engineering.com