Jörg Viebahn

Name Joerg Viebahn
FIA grade Bronze
Nationality German
Height 1.91m
Date of birth 21 / 07 / 1964
Place of birth Gummersbach (DEU)
Residence Gummersbach (DEU)
Official website www.joergviebahn.com
Twitter jo_vieb
Facebook joerg viebahn
Instagram joergviebahn
Why GT4? Most competetive on exiting tracks
This season's goals become champion in PRO/AM 
Greatest achievement becoming European Champion GT4 in 2016 
Racing since 1985
Race career (highlights) Winning 12h Bathurst Australia (Mount Panorama) 2017
every race survived on Nordschleife is a highlight ;-) 

even after having way more than 10.000 racing laps there 
winning races with 4 different car models and brands within one GT4 season 2015
developing power train, aero and setup off new race cars to make them a competetive package  
get partnering driver and myself possibly high leveled in performance on each track